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Recover Data from Damaged, Corrupted, Failed or Inaccessible Secondary Storage Media

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Damaged NTFS files system is a major loss, which demands the process to recover data from NTFS hard drive. Hard Drive Data Recovery software is for data recovery 2012 because software is one of the most selling NTFS Data Recovery applications all over for recovering data in the year 2012 and for other consecutive years.

With this time saving solution, there is no need to scan whole NTFS/FAT data, you can scan that data which you wanted to recover thus valuable for recovering data in very limited time. The FAT data recovery software as best hard disk data recovery tool which is apt for recovering and repairing data after major corruption scenarios.

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Highlighting the Key Features of Data Recovery Software

complete disk recovery

Restore Data from All States

Data Recovery tool is capable enough to handle data recovery from bad sectors, partition formatting, permanent deletion, or corruption. Thus, all cases of data loss are practically handled well by the software.

formatted partition recovery

Tackle MBR/MFT Corruption

The tool also resolves corruption caused within the OS MBR or MFT. Even a machine that cannot boot can be restored data from. Just by making the drive external on a working machine lets the tool detect it for efficient data recovery.

recover permanently data

Varied File Systems Supported

Both, FAT and NTFS File Systems are supported by the application to perform data recovery from corrupted internal hard disk. The tool also supports further classification of the file systems, i.e. FAT, 16, 32, NTFS 1.2, 3.0 and so on.

multiple recovery

Get Back Deleted Partitions

Using this application, one can perform data recovery from corrupted partition, data recovery formatted hard disk partition and also of a deleted partition. Thus, even if a partition has completely been lost it can still be recovered.

raw partition recovery

Recover Any Hard Drive

Currently a wide variety of hard disk both; internal and external is available with different specifications, potential, and from different brands. Data Recovery is built to support all of them regardless of their difference in whatsoever manner.

recover external storage

Search Items within Drive

Locating particular items from the recovered drive partition is possible with the help of a dedicated search option. You can set a date range and use a relevant search keyword to find common file types or a particular file.

corrupt mbr mft recovery

Preview Recovered Items

Hard Drive Data Recovery has the potential of extracting as well as displaying recovered items of a drive. However, not all file types are supported for preview but documents and images of any format can be opened and viewed.

auto detect partition

Process Any Detectable Storage

Advance build of data recovery software enables it to process any/all detectable drives. This includes detectable storage media like; pen drives, CD/DVD, external hard drives, SD card, etc., which broadens the scope of data recovery.

What Our Customer Say...

Awesome tool! Your hard drive data recovery tool is outstanding in its work, it give me all my data back when other Windows data recovery products fail so I will sure recommend to other users about this Data Recovery Software 2012.!

— — Linda Gibbson, South Koria

Hi, the ingenious data recovery application like yours is what I was looking for. The less technical knowledge even not stopped me to recover data so fantastically. I talked to one of you support executives, he gave me very constructive advice, I appreciate the guidelines he suggested. This application is worth to be recommended to others because at the end of the day everyone looks for apt solution. Keep up the good work.

— Ricky P. Joseph, Brazil

Get Data Recovery Done in Four Simple Steps:


Select NTFS Files

The very first step is to 'Browse' the location where NTFS files are located.


Scan NTFS Files

Second step involves scanning of NTFS files


Recover NTFS Files

Last but not the least recover NTFS files you selected.


Save NTFS Files

Save complete data of FAT/NTFS partitions at safe location.

Perform NTFS Recovery


NTFS Partition Data Recovery

Software provide facility to carry out NTFS partition data recovery in order to recover partition data of NTFS files easily


Recover Deleted Data of NTFS Files

Free file viewer helps to view file data even MS Outlook or Exchange is crashed or unavailable. Tool is helpful to open data file and to confirm which all data is available


Recover Formatted Data from NTFS HDD

Data Recovery NTFS Software provides you facility to recover data from NTFS hard drive when formatted no matter how much data you have for recovery.

Watch Live Video of NTFS Data Recovery Software

Frequently Asked Questions

How to access data on bad sectors HDD?

"Some of my data suddenly turned inaccessible and according to somebody i consulted it is happening because of its storage on a bad sector on the drive. How shall I perform such type of data recovery?"

Simply select the data storing partition once all partitions of your hard drive has been detected by the tool, and proceed with Normal Data Recovery. If this does not work for you, try Deleted Files and Folder recovery option.

What is the possibility of recovering data from mechanical failure?

"Our machine went under a severe mechanical failure recently and crashed. Since then we cannot boot it. Can we perform data recovery hard drive mechanical failure?"

You can recover data from a machine that underwent mechanical failure as we deal with MBR/MFT corruption cases too. Simply make the hard drive external and connect it to a working machine with our software installed on it and proceed with recovery once the drive is detected.

Is there a way to execute corrupted hard disk data recovery?

"Recently our hard disk got corrupted but as it stores a huge amount of crucial data in it, recovery is a necessity. How can we do that when the partition is not even detectable?"

You can perform data recovery on a corrupt hard drive partition even if it is not detectable. All you have to do is select any other partition that is selected and proceed with Formatted Partition recovery option. This will bring back data from the lost/formatted partition.

I am unable to find some data after recovery. Where is it?

"The partition that I recovered stores a humongous amount of data and I am unable to find a particular file that I am right now concerned about. How can I particular extract it?"

Use the Search option to find any particular file. Choose an approximate file Created & Modified date range and search by using its – name, path or extension. Once the results have been listed, select the file you want:

  • Right click on the file.
  • Select 'Extract Selected File(s).
  • Choose a path and save the file.
Will the software support data recovery from my FAT file system partition?
Yes, the software is supportive to both; NT and FAT file systems and their further versions too. Thus, you can recover data from partitions having any of the two file systems.

Will the software rewrite corrupted files with their recovered copy?

"Once recovery of data has been performed, will the software replace the corrupted data files with their recovered copy? How does it store the recovered data?"

The software gives the choice of selecting storage path of recovered files to the user. You can extract and save the data at a location that you desire – whether internal or external (storage media). The software does not replace/rewrite the old files with their recovered copy.